Self-Published Publications

This small publication showcases the experimental imagery created for my final major project focusing on the female body. These three series combined explore identity, sexuality and gender. Women are gazed upon as soon as leave their homes, they are viewed as objects. Today in our contemporary culture, women have stolen back their gaze and their own bodies. They are no longer objects of vision.





  • International Women’s Day Grimsby Town Hall 8th March 2019

  • UKYA City Takeover Nottingham 7th-13th February 2019

  • One Year: Revolv Collective 28th-30th June 2018

  • Leeds Art University Show: 29 Degree's Photography End of Year Show 8th-15th June

  • Hue Exhibition 25th April 2018

  • Art Fest Student Exhibit: Woman 8th March - 11th March 2018

  • Making/Doing 22nd February 2018

  • Photography As Representation 19th May 2017